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Class descriptions for reference ⬇️

Beginner: This introductory gymnastics class is designed to offer a supportive environment for individuals with little to no prior experience in the sport. Participants will focus on fundamental skills such as body awareness, flexibility, and basic gymnastic movements, laying the foundation for their journey into the exciting world of gymnastics. *this class will be separated into ages 3-4, and ages 5-6. See assigned times in the flyer. 

Rookie: This rookie-level gymnastics class is tailored for participants with some prior experience, offering a progressive curriculum that builds on foundational skills, challenges agility, and introduces more advanced techniques to elevate their proficiency in the sport.*For ages 5+ Skill based. 

Intermediate/Advanced: In this dynamic intermediate/advanced gymnastics class, seasoned athletes refine their technique, and master more intricate skills, fostering a competitive edge and a deeper mastery of the artistry and athleticism inherent in gymnastics.*For ages 5+ Skill based. 

COGRO Firs Time Drop In

First Time
Drop In

Want to try a class before committing to a membership? We get it! 

You can now purchase our First Time Drop in for $30, and book any gymnastics class within your child's experience level or Parent & Tot class. 

First, select the buy button. This will take you to a booking page where you'll fill out some information, create an account, and pay for the drop in. 

After paying the drop in fee, please select the schedule button, select the class you'd like to try, and book!

This First Time Drop in can be redeemed within 3 weeks of purchase. Please book online through the schedule tab or call us to help you book. Class is not automatically booked. 


First Time Drop In



Try your first class at a discounted price!

Valid for 3 weeks

Tumbling classes or Parent & Tot!

Membership Options

At our studio, we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of membership options that cater to everyone's unique needs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gymnast, we have a membership package that suits your skill level and schedule.


Our memberships range from once a week to three or more times a week, and all are set up on a preselected auto-renewal schedule for your convenience. 


To ensure the safety of all our members, we require that all membership holders sign a membership agreement and all children have a signed liability waiver on file. These measures help us maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all members, and we look forward to welcoming you to our studio!



Gymnastics private classes are an excellent way to take your gymnastics skills to the next level. Unlike group classes, private classes are one-on-one sessions with a dedicated instructor who will provide you with personalized attention and instruction. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced gymnast looking to perfect your technique, private classes are tailored to your specific needs and goals. With individualized attention, you can progress at your own pace and receive immediate feedback and correction.


Coconut Grove 
After School Program

We have partnered up with Coconut Grove Elementary School to bring you the after school program of your dreams.. We pick them up from school, tire them out with an afternoon filled with tumbling and fun, then you pick them up at our location! Sign them up now for the first term before spots run out! Limited spots available. 2 classes a week max per kid. 

*We do not prorate; If you purchase the CGES Package after the term has already started, price remains the same. 



Join us for one of our DAY CAMPS - that will be opening on the days that your children have NO school. We follow the Miami-Dade Public school system and schedules for nearby schools for days off. Camp hours are from 9 am to 1 pm, and we have an aftercare option until 2:30pm for a small extra charge.

*All campers need to be 4+ and be fully potty trained. Sick kids will be sent home to avoid spread to fellow campers.


Our parties are the perfect way to celebrate your child's special day with their friends while having fun and getting active.

During our birthday parties, we offer a variety of exciting activities that are sure to keep everyone entertained. Our experienced instructors will lead the children through a variety of games and challenges that promote balance, coordination, and flexibility. We also provide time for free play where the kids can explore the gym and use the equipment to create their own fun.


We can provide a large table and fan to be set up outside our storefront for cake or other snacks. Eating and drinking (other than water) inside the studio is not allowed. 

Please send us an email inquiry and include (1) desired date for the birthday party, (2) time, (3) an estimated headcount of children participating. Birthday parties are subject to availability. 

Email us at for a quote

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